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Arise and Shine Edu.             

Office: CBS Japan Mission/ASE (보냄과키움, 명문주니어유학)

CBS 15F, 159-1, Mokdongseo-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (07997)

Phone: 82-2-532-2835, 82-70-4133-2835        FAX: 82-2-2651-4205

Mobile: 82-10-7141-1800

President: Sungho HAN


Mission statement

-     Opportunity for student's personal well-balanced growth.

-     Students are treated with dignity and respect.

I realize that my work is the place for missionary and am becoming the airfield for teenagers who are taking off and flying, bearing their visions. I am a professional and manager who designs international education so that the students can become the great person they can be who contributes to society and the world.


Our offerings

1. Present the right alternative to the students who are planning to study abroad, and give them reasonable opportunities.

2. Provide the students of a place of opportunities so that the teenagers get the chance to learn each other's understanding through international exchange.

3. Serve so that the students' body, mind, and spirit can develop harmoniously.

1. History

11. 2016 to be appointed International Relationship Officer for KOSA

10. 2016 to be commissioned Vice President of USA Foundation

03. 2015 Held the Study Abroad Fair for Secondary student and Agencies

11. 2014 Arise and Shine Edu. Gangnam office open

10. 2014 Arise and Shine Edu. Mokdong office open

01. 2012 to be elected chairman of Korea Overseas Study Association (KOSA)

06. 2008 Appointed to Columnist of Christian Broadcasting System

01. 2008 Agreement with Kookmin Daily News Media Group

12. 2004 Acquired certified Int’l education specialist (KOSA)

09. 2003 US Exchange Student Program starts

07. 2000 New Millennium Youth Leadership camp in China

03. 1992 Myungmoon Edu. Company founded (President Yongnae KIM)


2. What do we do?

* US Int’l Private School Program: USA, SMG, ICES

* US DASH Private School Program (By SMG)

* US Exchange Student Program (J-1):  SMG, NOD, BFF, ICES

* Canadian Int’l School program: Thames Valley School District etc.

* Support for a study program for Korean civil servants

* Financial Aid Consulting

* Conditional admission to US Univ.: ESLi

* A consulting business for the establishment of an international school in Korea

* Korean cultural experience camp for the foreign students.


3. How are we helping?

• Basic counseling

• Proceed with the study process

• Management while studying abroad

• To improve student's intelligent ability.

• To improve student's independent living skills and relationship with other.

• To improve the quality of an individual’s life and personnel management.

• To develop a student's physical and spiritual strength.

• To develop student's psychological resilience.

• Compassionate and caring staff.

• Trained staff provides quality care.

• Staff and care professional consultants work together for the well-being of our students.


4.  Who I am? – Sungho HAN

l  Founder / President of ASE

l  Audit of KOSA (Korea Overseas Study Association)

l  Former President of KOSA

l  A director of Christian Broadcast System for Japan Mission

l  Certified Int’l Education Specialist by the KOSA


5. Recruitment strategy

l   On-line keyword marketing & SNS

l   Email marketing

l   Radio advertising

l   Expert group networking

l   Cooperation with English language centers in Korea


Thank you.

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